Despite the fact that Kate Murray’s “Chief of Staff's” child, employed at the shelter because daddy thought TOHAS was a “Doggy Disneyland,” desperately tried to save sweet Aubrey, even offered to cover expenses, but instead, TOHAS murdered this sweet peanut of a dog…..for NO VALID REASON. Aubrey was not “put to sleep”…she was killed in cold blood at TOHAS. The young and impressionable shelter worker posted this pup on Facebook and stated, “I have a 2-3 year old female pit-bull mix at the shelter right now. I named her Aubrey and she passed ALL of her behavioral tests, i.e. food, dog and cat aggression. She was tested 3 times. They’ve asked me to try and help find her a loving home that she deserves ASAP because I have worked with her since she came in to the shelter- emaciated, high fever and worms.” The same kennel worked went on to saying….”I don’t want to see her put down.” A friend of hers even stated, “If it comes down to her being put to sleep b/c no home can be found, then let me know. She won’t go down that road. I can’t bare to think that could happen to her.”

WELL, IT’S “HAPPENED” TO HER, ANIMAL LOVERS, TOHAS KILLED HER IN COLD BLOOD. Aubrey did not have a “do not destroy” label on her to protect her or warn that her “time was up.” Kate Murray removed ALL life-saving tags on the shelter animals. Only days before Aubrey was slaughtered, another advocate tearfully begged for her life as she sat in the “life to death” Transition room, while Town Attorney Susan Jacobs, Interim Director, ASSURED the advocate, in front of 2 witnesses, while Aubrey licked the advocates hand, and wagged her tail, this dog was SAFE, she would NOT be killed. No “30 day I will adopt” was even mentioned to the advocate to cover Aubrey’s life. A kennel Supervisor also agreed that Aubrey would NOT be killed. TOHAS has a behaviorist, a rescue liaison, an adoption coordinator, and a nearly $7 Million dollar pocketbook. Aubrey came in a sick and emaciated dog….she recuperated, was spayed, then slaughtered, no life saving polices in place to save her. No one ever saw her make it to the adoption floor.

So why was Aubrey killed?...because ALL of the above employees are a smoke-screen. If they were skilled or experienced, why is the shelter turning to a kennel person to get their animals adopted, they kill them mid-stream…..with NO WARNING whatsoever? The answer is simple. The Shelter is a store-front for patronage. It is not there to rehabilitate or help the towns homeless animals. Since the Town Attorney took over Operations at the Shelter, it has become a grim death camp.

The shelter has a real problem on their hands now. They killed an animal that the Chief of Staff’s child absolutely adored, and advocated for Aubrey with the only resources available to her. If you’ve guessed that daddy is transferring this young one who has continued to speak out for the injustice done to sweet Aubrey, you are CORRECT! They are transferring this employee to another Department for “caring too much about the animals.” Out with ANY advocate or employee that can’t separate themselves from the shelter’s animals….who cannot form an “emotional barrier” between themselves and the homeless animals. Be our guest, daddy, but Hope for Hempstead Shelter will keep pushing forward, and won’t stop until everyone in that Hell Hole feels the same about saving lives as Aubrey’s advocates did. We want the cold hearted, incompetent, brain washed killers OUT…and the experienced animal lovers in.

We are watching, and are aware of Town Board’s Dorothy Goosby’s recommendation for a new Shelter Director.

Have all of the “hopefuls” enjoyed a shelter tour?

Ms. Goosby has commented numerous times that she is very satisfied with the current shelter conditions.

Hope for Hempstead Shelter is anxious to see the new Directors resume, background, qualification, and TRACK RECORD of previously working towards the No-Kill movement within a shelter.

We also expect that Volunteers will pour in shortly after hiring a new Director, as Kate Murray has promised.

Town Officials have interviewed outstanding applicants with backgrounds of EXCELLENCE. Let’s see who they come up with for our kill shelters animals. Following a Nation wide search, we know exactly who to expect; the crème’ of the crop.

We’re told that the TOH Chief of Staff, who is suppressing his own Child's integrity and love for animals, has a hand in choosing a Shelter Director. Political corruption looms over our shelter, and it’s long overdue that the Government gets its bloody patronage hands off of our shelters animals. Like a mother bear watches her cub in the woods, Hope for Hempstead Shelter will continue to watch, and bring any and every injustice to our “cubs” directly to the public and the Media.

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