Thanks to you folks who visit the shelter and report back to us!  The situation is dire for the animals. Click here voice-message.wav  to listen to our voicemail.  Here is part of the text of that voicemail:

"Hi, we just caught up with the the whole blog. I think at the library. We have no computer and first we wanna say thank you to Keller. If your name off for her reply to someone, someone who is, shouldn't even be allowed on the site, telling people take up your leash and and come and volunteer to the woman not read anything on the blog for a year that volunteers are what we are fighting for. Anyway neither you know they have Michelle answered it is so beautifully so beautifully but we also see it the end that apparently there is still no heat or hot water in the shelter. We just wanted to mention that one, one of our friends so the little blurb in Tuesday before the last night time meeting"

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