Mission Statement

The Corporation is formed for the purpose of improving the quality of life for homeless dogs and cats in the municipal animal shelter system and elsewhere, advocating for the highest level of care for dogs and cats in the municipal animal shelter system, increasing municipal shelter adoptions, decreasing municipal shelter euthanasia and ultimately lowering the number of abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats.  In furtherance of these purposes, the Corporation shall:

a.       Promote and facilitate the rescue and adoption of homeless dogs and cats through advertising and incentive programs;

b.      Assist animal shelters in creating and implementing innovative adoption programs;

c.       Raise awareness of the importance of proper pet ownership;

d.      Disseminate information to the general public regarding the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce animal overpopulation and the incidence of animal abandonment and surrender;

e.       Assist members of the community in obtaining low-cost spay neuter for their dogs and cats; the corporation will not provide veterinary care although it may procure the services of licensed veterinarians to do so;

f.        Provide pet owners with alternatives to animal relinquishment ;

g.       Gather and disseminate information to the general public regarding the operation of municipal animal shelters including but not limited to the following: the overall treatment of the animals in animal shelters, the conditions at animal shelters, the policies and procedures at such shelters, their rates of euthanasia and adoptions, the programs available to the shelter animals, the cost to the taxpayers for providing services to the animals, and the shelters’ involvement with the public and the communities’ homeless animals;

h.       Promote reforms to improve the welfare, safety, and quality of life of dogs and cats;

i.         Inform the public of and advocate on behalf of alternatives to the existing municipal shelter system;

j.        Conduct any and all lawful activities which may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes.