Cat lovers across Long Island speak out at Sunrise Highway and Newbridge Road against moving a well-controlled feral cat colony

Activists protest against feral cat colony move

Animal activists rally against a perceived feral cat colony threat from the Town of Hempstead.

A large group of animal activists took to Sunrise Highway and Newbridge Road to protest the Town of Hempstead's planned move of a 12-year-old feral cat colony at Newbridge Road Park beginning May 1. Passing cars continually honked as protesters, waving large placards, gave interviews to Bellmore Life.

The town's plan is to move the colony more than 1/4-mile from its current site, a move those at the rally say will irreparably harm - if not kill - the feral cats. AlleyCat Allies, a national organization advocating protection of feral cats, wrote to the Town of Hempstead a letter in early April opposing the move, saying it could destroy a well-maintained and cared-for colony, and that new cats could take their place, as part of a 'vaccum' effect.

The ASPCA  has also come out against the move.

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