Animal shelter settlement

The Town of Hempstead has settled a lawsuit by animal advocates
who were banned from the shelter after voicing their concerns about
the animals' treatment. Videojournalist: Jim Staubitser (Jan. 8, 2013)

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The Town of Hempstead has raised the “White Flag”  
Madden v. Town of Hempstead, et al.  
Federal District Court, Eastern District of New York  
Case No. 10‐CV‐5682  
After two years of litigation, the plaintiffs, Diane Madden, Lucille DeFina and Frances  
Lucivero‐Pelletier, three animal rescuers in the Town of Hempstead have secured a 
total victory against the Town of Hempstead, Town Supervisor Kate Murray, and 
various Town Officials.  On  this date a judgment has been entered by the Clerk of 
the Federal District Court, Eastern  District of New York, in favor of the plaintiffs, 
against the Town of Hempstead and all the  named defendants.  This is a clear 
victory, not only for the plaintiffs, not only for proponents of  First Amendment 
Rights, but also for the helpless animals that find themselves in the confines of the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.   



Offer of judgment accepted after two years of litigation.

After two years of ongoing litigation, the three banned volunteer animal rescue workers fromHempstead Town Animal Shelter have won their case against the town.

It was announced Tuesday that the plaintiffs -- Diane Madden of East Meadow, Lucille DeFina of Merrick and Frances Lucivero‐Pelletier of Levittown -- had accepted an offer of judgment that their lawyer, Steven Morelli, referred to as a "total victory against the Town of Hempstead, Town Supervisor Kate Murray and various town officials."


From the Office of the New York State Comptroller 
Thomas P. DiNapoli 

Contact: Brian Butry518-474-4015 
For release: Immediately, November 30, 2012 

Auditors found high operational costs at the Hempstead Animal Shelter among other problems, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli said today. The audit was undertaken after requests by town residents and Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. 

“Comptroller DiNapoli’s comprehensive and thorough audit has shown the Hempstead Animal Shelter to be a case study in mismanagement, poor record keeping, and budgetary incompetence,” said Rice. “While these problems do not rise to the level of criminality, the Comptroller’s review found systemic problems that compromise the public’s confidence and could detract from the shelter’s overall mission and responsibility to its animals and the community. While our investigation found no criminal abuse or neglect of the shelter’s animals, both the animals and taxpayers will be well-served if the town promptly adopts the Comptroller’s recommendations. I want to thank Comptroller DiNapoli and his staff for their outstanding work.” 

Auditors found operational costs at the Hempstead shelter were greater than the costs associated with animal shelters in the Towns of Islip and Brookhaven in every category reviewed – total costs; costs per animal processed; total salaries; salaries per animal; total health services costs; and health cost per animal. 

For a copy of the report visit: 

New Hyde Park, Baldwin-based attorneys to challenge actions of town in

Two years. It’s been two years since the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
(TOHAS) banned three former employees prompting a lawsuit; one year since
the shelter director was “reassigned” after a 20-year-old YouTube video
showcased her cheering the euthanasia of a cat and less than a month since a
second suit was filed against the town, citing violations of the municipal

When will it all end? You be the judge. The town has been entrenched in one
lawsuit and now, two more lawyers are jumping into the fray.

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After months of not getting answers to questions about Hempstead Town animal shelter operations, two supporters of animal welfare advocates have sued the town to get their inquires addressed.  Attorneys MaryJean Mezzina and Elizabeth Stein filed a lawsuit against the town, Supervisor Kate Murray and Town Attorney Joseph Ra on March 19.

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Last year the New York State comptroller said he would audit the financial operations at the Town of Hempstead's animal shelter. Thomas DiNapoli says his office has received hundreds of complaints about the shelter's financial management in recent months. One of these complaints included payments made by the Animal Shelter to the Town Clerk's office.

FOILed documents show that $600,000 was budgeted in 2011 for services to be performed by the Town Clerk's office for the Hempstead Animal Shelter.  In 2003, this amount was $36,700.  That's an increase of over 1600 percent in only eight years.

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Letter to the Editor: TOH Animal Shelter Duping the Public

In a letter to the editor earlier this week, Hempstead Town resident Lucille DeFina said that the town, specifically the animal shelter, "continues to dupe the public with their 'smoke and mirror' mentality to waste our tax dollars and secure patronage positions."

See what else DeFina had to say in her letter.

Town Searching for Volunteers for Animal Shelter's Pet Foster Program

Do you love animals? Do you believe that all cats and dogs deserve to live in a nice home with a loving family? If you answered "yes" to either question, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter wants you to volunteer for The Little One Fostering Program.

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Dear Readers,
The elections are over. We won some and we lost others.
I'm happy to say that almost 40,000 people cast their vote for Gary Port and you can bet that got Kate Murray's attention.
Despite what you may see on TV or read in Newsday things are NOT GOOD at Hempstead Animal Shelter.
While some Hempstead Shelter dogs will be the focus of up coming media attention others not fortunate enough to be in the spotlight are being killed.
Following is an encouraging message from Gary Port and I have a personal message for Kate Murray... I will continue to investigate and report the truth to the public.

Dear Readers,
Last week News 12 aired a debate between Kate Murray the Republican Hempstead Town Supervisor and Gary Port the Democratic candidate for supervisor.

When the topic of the Hempstead Animal Shelter was brought up, Kate Murray stated that "in her opinion" the Hempstead shelter was the "best Shelter on Long Island "

Wow Kate! REALLY???

Staff wore multiple layers, scarves and coats, while more than ½ of the dogs in the kennels did not even have a blanket,” said a patron who visited the Animal Shelter yesterday. “The Kennels, especially number three, were frigid. The outside wall to Kennel three is exposed with only a plastic tarp shielding the dogs from the elements. Wind and rain gusts wet the kennel runs and the dogs were shivering; I am sure water bowls were frozen over by morning. I just don’t understand why, when the temperatures dropped, the Shelter did not bring in portable heaters, mylar blankets or make arrangements to move the animals.” said the concerned patron.

Hempstead Animal Shelter to Be Audited By New York State

This video report tells it like it is!  It's not pretty.

State to Audit Hempstead Animal Shelter

Comptroller DiNapoli to Audit Hempstead Animal Shelter
State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced today that his office will audit the financial operations of the Town of Hempstead 's Animal Shelter.

Fieldwork will begin in the next few weeks, said DiNapoli, who has received hundreds of complaints about the shelter's financial management in recent months.

Hope for Hempstead Shelter encourages the public to accept Kate Murray’s invitation to visit the Animal Shelter and, “…take a look for yourself, see what you see..,” because what you will see is very different from what Supervisor Murray described during last week’s News 12 Long Island Town Supervisor Election Debate.

Kate Murray says, “…you may see one of our full-time veterinarians taking good care of our dogs and cats.” The truth is in cases like #2243, a young mother dog who sat neglected and hemorrhaging for eight days after delivering her pups

Video: Supervisor Challenger in Clash over Fliers


Dear Readers,

Many of our Readers have requested an update regarding the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. You should be aware that the new shelter director formerly worked for Animal Care And Control Staten Island. This is a government run animal shelter which kills many of the dogs and cats it takes in. That kind of "no solution but to kill the cats and dogs" mentality is more prevalent at the Hempstead Shelter than ever before.

Dear Readers,

I'm sure you remember I reported that Nike the PET Of The Week was recently slaughtered at the Hempstead Shelter.This story is more heartbreaking than I could have ever imagined.

Over ten dogs have been slaughtered at the Hempstead Shelter since new acting director C.. Iacopela was hired. after a "nationwide" search, I guess this is Kate Murray's idea of "shelter reform."

Do you remember when Kate would speak on the radio and at public gatherings saying Hempstead Shelter did not kill? I do. I also knew then that it was not the truth.

More Kill or No Kill?

The interview with the new leader chosen to run the TOHAS, Cindy Iacopella is filled with hope and promise, but she has a long road ahead of her, given the acrimony and hostility that has been in place for some time now, between the Town Board and shelter management vs the taxpayers, volunteers and animal advocates in the Town of Hempstead.

Hempstead Town Names New Animal Shelter Assistant Director

Rescue Community Speaks Out in Support of New Hire

While it’s no secret that the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter’s practices have been the subject of controversy among members of the local animal rescue community, it appears a new chapter in the saga has officially begun. At the Hempstead Town Board meeting on Tuesday, July 12, Town Supervisor Kate Murray announced the hiring of Cynthia Iacopella as the new assistant director for the Shelter.

Protesters say shelter abandoned cat, kittens
More than 40 local residents joined Hope for Hempstead, a local shelter-reform advocacy group, on June 30 to protest the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh. The group has held several protests of the shelter in the past year, and last week’s rally followed what the group claims was a “cover up” by the town.

Attorney General to Open New Anti Corruption Unit for Nassau and Suffolk

The Nassau Unit will be located in the AG's Mineola Office.  If they're going to investigate the Town of Hempstead, they're going to be very busy.

Shelter Stories: Southampton  

They do a lot of things differently at Southampton’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, now operated by a private foundation. The main difference they say, it’s in the heart.

Shelter Stories: Bully for Brookhaven

In Brookhaven, the old dog pound has been reinvented, as new leaders of the town’s animal shelter have joined with rescue groups to find homes for the Pit Bulls that are inundating animal shelters all over Long Island.

(05/17/11) WANTAGH - Former volunteers are accusing the troubled Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter of failing to control the town's potentially dangerous feral animal population.

Gina Granito, of Wantagh, says a feral cat gave birth to four kittens in her backyard shed. When she called the shelter and asked officials to come pick up the kittens and have them spayed and neutered, Granito says she was told to trap the animals herself.

Hope for Hempstead Shelter supporters hit the streets yet again to raise awareness about allegations surrounding the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

Video: Joining the Fight For Animal Rights

Woodmere Republican Club Hosts first annual Nassau County Humane Rights For Animals Lobby Day.

WOODMERE - Demonstrators took to the streets today to call on Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice to broaden her investigation into the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

Nearly six months after alleged abuses at the shelter came to light, protesters say nothing has changed at the facility.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, former shelter volunteers said they witnessed animals being neglected and abused.

Kill the Kitty Video Raises Concerns Higher - NewsDay Editorial

Merrick Patch
Nearly 100 former volunteers, residents and supporters turn out for a candlelight vigil at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter.

Captured on video: Town of Hempstead Animal shelter employees laughing and joking as they are about to euthanize a cat.

Hundreds Protest Against Town Animal Shelter Practices

Rally draws hundreds of concerned residents to Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Animal Shelter Head Under Fire After Web Video

Video Shows Inhumane Treatment of Kitten and Shelter Director
Elmont Community Blog, 3/15/2011

Animal Shelter Protest Rally

Hempstead reassigns animal shelter director over abuse video

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Director Reassigned

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter "Kill the Kitty" Video Sparks Outrage

Protesters Demand State Audit of Animal Shelter

Animal Rights Activists Continue to Make Their Case at Rally

Nassau County Has Everything (Even Debt)

Protesters target Hempstead animal shelter

Enough is Enough

Allegations Unleashed at Town of Hempstead Board Meeting

Wantagh animal shelter progress debated

9 Hempstead Animal Shelter workers topped $100G

Cat Rescuer Lashes Out at TH Board

Animal Advocates Rally at Troubled Hempstead Shelter

Banned Volunteers, Animal Activists Demand Change at Town of Hempstead Shelter

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