Debate: Kate Murray Vs. Gary Port
by Pet Columnist, Sharon Hubbard.
Dear Readers,
Last week News 12 aired a debate between Kate Murray the Republican Hempstead Town Supervisor and Gary Port the Democratic candidate for supervisor.

When the topic of the Hempstead Animal Shelter was brought up, Kate Murray stated that "in her opinion" the Hempstead shelter was the "best Shelter on Long Island "

Wow Kate! REALLY???

Readers I'm not sure which would be worse... that Kate is not able to comprehend that a shelter that still kills for population control, with no air conditioning, housed in an archaic building, without proper air circulation, without a real volunteer program (not just one or two stragglers to appease and mislead the public) has a budget in excess of 6 MILLION dollars more than the comparable NO KILL, air conditioned Brookhaven Shelter is NOT EVEN AN ACCEPTABLE SHELTER, LET ALONE "The Best Shelter" , OR that Kate resides in the political smoke and mirrors "spin zone"

Can she really believe the voting public is that dumb???

As for Kate's remark that the banned volunteers were just two women with a grudge against the town, I'm here to tell you that I was privileged to know those ladies for years, watching in amazement and admiration as they devoted their time and money to saving thousands of lives.

They secretly would reach out to me (as they did to Rescue Organizations across the country) asking for help in a desperate plea to save lives.

Why did we need to keep our relationship a secret throughout the years? Why did Diane and Lucille fear that if the town knew they were in touch with Sharon Hubbard they would be banned from the shelter?

Here's a news flash Readers, Hempstead Shelter is not the only town shelter which forbids its volunteers/employees from communicating with Sharon Hubbard.

Those are the shelters with dirty little secrets to hide. Secrets they don't want the public to know about.

Before I give "Hope For Hempstead Shelter" the grass roots organization formed to improve the Hempstead Shelter a chance to respond to Kate's remarks, I'm going to do something I've never done before.

The dogs whose pictures you see here (in actual column) are all dead. They were killed by the Hempstead Shelter since the new acting shelter director was hired to "improve" the shelter.
I apologize to those Shelters and Rescue Organizations who have submitted pictures, I will publish your pictures in the next column.
Supervisor Murray , once again I'm offering you the opportunity to speak to my Readers.
Now Readers, here is the Hope For Hempstead Shelter's response to Kate Murray's comments.

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