OCTOBER 30, 2011 – Wantagh , NY – Animals at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter have been without heat and hot water for NUMOROUS days.

Staff wore multiple layers, scarves and coats, while more than ½ of the dogs in the kennels did not even have a blanket,” said a patron who visited the Animal Shelter yesterday. “The Kennels, especially number three, were frigid. The outside wall to Kennel three is exposed with only a plastic tarp shielding the dogs from the elements. Wind and rain gusts wet the kennel runs and the dogs were shivering; I am sure water bowls were frozen over by morning. I just don’t understand why, when the temperatures dropped, the Shelter did not bring in portable heaters, mylar blankets or make arrangements to move the animals.” said the concerned patron.

This past weekend, freezing temperatures in the kennels would make it necessary for any shelter visitor to wear winter outdoor apparel. Throughout Saturday evening, members of the public attempted to find out what the Shelter was doing to bring the temperatures up to humane levels. As the news spread through the evening, the public began to outreach to the media, send emails to the Shelter director and make calls to the Town’s Public Safety division.

“We, as animal advocates would much prefer to be working WITH the Shelter to assist the animals, but history is repeating itself and we are once again forced to be the watchdog to ensure that our Community’s homeless and helpless animals are given basic care. With $7 million dollars, those animals should have a lot more than just heat and hot water” said banned rescuer, Diane Madden. Why does it constantly take public outcry and demand for Town Officials to make our animals a priority? Our message has been made crystal clear to Town Officials; stop the excuses, stop the cover up, stop the suffering, stop the killing. As far as the notion that Officials were scrambling today to quickly install a new unit? Let’s see if the animals have heat and hot water tomorrow. As in all circumstances at the shelter, seeing is believing.”

Hope for Hempstead Shelter seeks to bring awareness and gather support for total reform of the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.


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