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Many of our Readers have requested an update regarding the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. You should be aware that the new shelter director formerly worked for Animal Care And Control Staten Island. This is a government run animal shelter which kills many of the dogs and cats it takes in. That kind of "no solution but to kill the cats and dogs" mentality is more prevalent at the Hempstead Shelter than ever before.

Diane Madden is one of the original three volunteers unjustly banned from the Hempstead Shelter. She is responsible for saving the lives of thousands of dogs.
I am not exaggerating. I have had the privilege of knowing Diane for years. I have always admired her dedication to saving the lives of the Hempstead shelter animals . Diane and the the other two volunteers were ostracized by the shelter employees because they refused to stand by silently while cats and dogs were abused and mistreated at the hands of the employees. Remember the "Kill The Kitty" video? Currently, Diane Madden, Lucille De Fina and Frances Lucivero are taking legal action against the town of Hempstead certain employees and officials. Diane offered the following reasonse to my request for a statement

“It is no surprise to me, rather a disappointment, that TOHAS has not improved since a new Director has been named, and lives are still secretly being lost. By all appearances, Hempstead residents are paying $7 Million dollars every year in exchange for a Kill-Shelter. Take “Max,” for example, case number 527, a young puppy who came into TOHAS mid- June. Max was a happy and playful pup, and like any other, needed exercise, obedience training and human touch. Max was killed at TOHAS, nearly 4 months later, disguised as “aggressive.” There was nothing to protect or save Max’s life, as Town Officials removed the “Do Not Destroy” tags that previously saved thousands of lives. I did not see any life saving cross posts or outreaches in an effort to save Max’s life. Despite the fact that TOHAS hired a part-time Behaviorist at an exorbitant salary, Max was not rehabilitated. Despite a $7 Million dollar shelter budget, max had no opportunity to be given a second chance at life. Max is not alone, he is only one of the many animals that have fallen victim to TOHAS, dying silently in the continued “Euthanasia is a fact of life at TOHAS” mentality. The reality is that TOHAS will never change, until the mentality of the shelter staff changes. One glimmer of hope for the animals is the possibility of a full fledged Volunteer Program. Volunteers need to infiltrate every crevice of that shelter, to comfort and soothe, protect and save. I encourage everyone who is able, to fill out and submit a volunteer application at TOHAS. Only the public can make this Volunteer Program happen. Another “light at the end of the tunnel” for the Hempstead animals is our organization, “Hope for Hempstead Shelter.” This group will continue to diligently advocate for real change at TOHAS, for as long as it takes, until we reach the goal of total shelter reform. Please visit our web site at

Readers, as I have done in the past I would like to extend an opportunity to the Hempstead Animal Shelter director to send me a statement.

And I would also like to ask the following question:
If the Town Of Brookhaven Animal Shelter can control their animal population without killing, why don't the other shelter directors adopt the life saving programs used by Brookhaven Shelter director Dori Scofield?


March 05, 2012 @07:21 pm My daughter Zoe is working on her Silver Award for Girl Scouts of Nassau County and would like to find out a way that she can get involved with making changes at the TOHAS. We want to get the word out and get others involved as well. Please let us know how we can help. Please call me at 516-220-7764 Kimberly and Zoe Zedalis

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