Pet Column By Sharon Hubbard, Nov.15, 2011

Dear Readers,
The elections are over. We won some and we lost others.
I'm happy to say that almost 40,000 people cast their vote for Gary Port and you can bet that got Kate Murray's attention.
Despite what you may see on TV or read in Newsday things are NOT GOOD at Hempstead Animal Shelter.
While some Hempstead Shelter dogs will be the focus of up coming media attention others not fortunate enough to be in the spotlight are being killed.
Following is an encouraging message from Gary Port and I have a personal message for Kate Murray... I will continue to investigate and report the truth to the public.

"This election year the Town of Hempstead Democratic Committee madehistory. For the first time we did not lay down and we not surrenderbefore the first vote was cast. We waged a strong and hard battle.With less than a collective $25,000, we forced Kate Murray and theRepublicans to spend an unprecedented amount of money. Her committeespent over $500,000.Never again will we concede any town race. Never again we will allowthe Republicans to be anointed as the winners at their nominatingconvention.We are here and more than watching, we'll be doing." -Gary Port

Please visit a shelter and adopt.

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