If you have ever seen the following protest poster or wondered yourself, we hope this page will answer the question on every Hempstead taxpayer's lips:


If you would like to print the above graph, click here:

Since this graph was compiled, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter budget has gone up almost $1 million to equal $7.4 million!


The following chart compares salaries of shelter personnel from 2003 and 2011.  Have YOU ever worked for a company that gave such high raises over such a short period of time?   salaries_2003__2011.pdf


This chart shows the actual budget for all shelter expenses in 2011 and the projected estimate for 2012: preliminary_budget_animal_shelter_budget_2012.pdf


Next, we have a chart showing salaries of shelter personnel in 2011 and projected salaries for 2012:


Now we shall travel back in time to compare the shelter budget of 2009 and the adopted budget of 2011.  Notice the raises!

Here's the same scenario with the salaries: