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What does a veterinarian do?

Diane speaks 5/8/12





5/8 Diane speaks


4/24/12 - Felix



4/24/12 - Diane Madden






Lucille DeFina 4/24/12



4/24/12 - Speaker on Cats in New Bridge Park



NewBridge Park 2



Newbridge Park 1
















Diane discusses "Queenie," a dog who died in her cage due to the lack of lifesaving policies and procedures.


Lucille discusses the HFHS new campaign to educate the public.


Lucille discusses the Human Paper Shredder


2/7/11 -- Lucille advocates for the animals.


More Questions on why animals are being put to death in the shelter.


One White Cat -- Lucile speaks powerfuly.


The truth must be told!  Why are lives being lost?  2/7/12


Michelle does NOT want TOHAS to become like a City Animal Care and Control (Kill) shelter!  12/6/11


Lucille speaks.


Lucille Questions the board about Policies and Procedures 12/6/11


Speaker discusses that we will not accept a bloody NY ACC in Town of Hempstead! 12/6/11


Budget questions left unanswered again. 12/6/11


Lucille speaks and asks a few more questions about all of the payments for the one vet. She brings up the incompetence of the assistant director. 12/6/11


Diane speaks. Cheryl Petri (Kate Murray's assistant) has something to say to the TOHAS assistant director. Is she concerned that something may be said that isn't "town approved"? Or is she giving Cindy (assistant director) the answers? 12/6/11


Speaker discusses NO KILL seminar taking place in January. 12/6/11


12/6 -Lucille questions the resolutions to extend the "behaviorist's" contract as well as one of the vet's added payments for $300 per day for the use of mobile van in addition to his per hour wages, and per procedure fees. She also questions the payments for Dr. Siegel's vet tech.




11/22 - Diane Speaks to the Board.


11/22- Speaker points out that nothing has changed at the shelter for many months.


11/22/11 - Lucille describes how nothing has changed and reads an email from the "new staff" that shows the continued incompetence.


11/22/11-Watch how members of the board refuse to answer questions.


Here, Diane Madden confronts Kate Murray and the Town of Hempstead officials about the lack of improved conditions at the animal shelter.  The town responds, but says nothing. 10/4/11


Speaker discusses how Town of Hempstead animal shelter in Wantagh, under Kate Murray and Cindy Iacopella, (director) are not only killing more than ever but also killing ADOPTABLE animals!


Speaker discusses how Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is being run like the NY ACC, but without any incentives to rescuers. Kate Murray has nerve to claim that TOHAS is a "safe haven for animals" despite the continued killings. Cindy Iacopella (director), says that the only way to view shelter policies and procedures is to FOIL the records (under the Freedom of information law). This statement shows that TOHAS is really NOT being transparent.


Lucille speaks and discusses the increased, continued killings of adoptable animals. Also how TOHAS has become the Long Island ACC under the direction of the new director and Kate Murray!


Speaker discusses how Kate Murray has really increased town's debt, and increased budgets, while claiming to be fiscally responsible. He also speaks of the borrowed million dollars for the air conditioning at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, that STILL hasn't been installed yet!


Resident and tax payer discusses how Kate Murray is truly NOT fiscally responsible and NOT accountable. He speaks of the continued patronage and waste in the Town .