Volunteers are the heart, soul, eyes and ears of any animal shelter. It’s no wonder that Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter forbid them for so long. But finally they are claiming to have a volunteer program. Although it is clearly evident that TOHAS picks and chooses who they allow to volunteer and puts strict rules only on those they do not trust, it is imperative that you still try to volunteer and help our animals. 
Shelter dogs continue to languish in their cages as eager volunteers, waiting in the wings, are kept apart from walking them and volunteers who speak out of negligence are warned and threatened to be banned. 

Please continue to be the hand that forces shelter reform, get in your application, and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT. YOUR REPORTS WILL BE HEARD AND EXPOSURE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO CHANGE! PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU'RE EXPERIENCE. If the Animal Shelter ignores your application, discriminates against you or allowed you to volunteer and then intimidates or threatens you - WE NEED TO KNOW! PLEASE SEND US YOUR STORY, contact us by email or private message on our Facebook Page.  HELP SAVE LIVES! 

Please click on tr_animal-volunteer.pdf
for a printable version and submit to:

3320 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793
(516) 785-5220
If you cannot volunteer please forward and post this opportunity to fellow animal lovers. Also post to work and social message boards. Our animals are still not being touched like they should be and they need your help.